Human Population

The socio-economic status and living in this area are generally of a low level. The largest island, Maduwa holds a higher socio-economic status than some of the other islands. Most of the lands in Maduganga including the large islets are privately owned.

Fisheries play an important role in the economy. Approximately 150 fishermen are involved in inland fishing. Prawn catching is one of the most important activities of Maduganga. There are many kraals (Ja-Kotu) as well. The fishing techniques commonly adopted is brush pile fishing, gill nets, kraal fishing and hook & line fishing.

There is some cultivation other than the fishing. The main agricultural crops in the area are paddy, coconut, cinnamon, pepper, fruit & vegetables. Animal husbandry is of marginal importance to the area. Other economic activities include the coir industry and the ornamental fish industry.
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